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Quotes from the latest OFSTED Report on 23/07/2014

“Staff provide a good educational programme, which offers children a stimulating and challenging Learning Environment.”
“Leadership and management are effective as the providers understand their responsibilities in implementing the Safeguarding and Welfare requirements as well as the Learning and Development requirements. The educational programme is effective in helping children to achieve.”
“The assessment of children is effective in monitoring children’s abilities and identifying any gaps in their development. Continual monitoring and systems for evaluation and continuous progress are implemented. This helps improve staff practice and, therefore, promotes children’s learning effectively.”
“Staff are trained to be positive role models with effective communication between parents and their children respectfully. They work effectively as a team demonstrating to the children positive examples of strong relationships. Staff educate children’s behaviour and set the boundaries, as a result, children behave well and understand the importance of value and respect for their future life. Staff praise and encourage children’s positive efforts. Staff will support children in learning about diversity, so that they gain and respect each and everyone’s differences. Staff provide resources within the setting to reflect these differences with celebrations of various cultural festivals and world culture days.”