Our Caring Staff Team

Our Caring Staff


Our staff team are passionate, committed and enthusiastic to the childs well being as well as their learning and development.


Our Activities

We do vary and extend our activities for each child’s individual needs, we link them with their own home environment experiences. This gives all of the children a wealth of opportunity to explore whilst having time to learn through play with others respectively as well as becoming ‘independent.’ We offer ‘wow’ factor to our activities, this encourages our children to engage.
We ask the children to participate by helping to set up for snack/meal times, clearing up and cleaning tables, this is encouraged after all of the activities to guide them on how to take care of their environment. We also believe they begin to understand their own responsibilities as well as inspiring them to have fun.
We offer flexible and structured activities.
Structured Activities – include planned activities covering the EYFS Curriculum within the Prime Areas and the Specific Areas. This is linked to what is happening at their home as well as linking with our Monthly Themes for the activities to encourage variety.
Flexible – includes free play of their own choices and their own likes. We promote physicality though outdoor activities on a large scale curriculum, this is set for the whole day.
  • Exploring and Interacting with all of the resources and the staff team
  • Printing, mark making, cutting, taking turns and sharing
  • Cooking activities as well as baking: lots of learning in all areas of development especially maths. We are fortunate we have a separate large Dining Room to eat breakfast, lunch and tea where the chef prepares food.
  • Stories with props and books, puzzles
  • Singing and musical instruments, music and movement is incorporated in their days schedule as we are fortunate that we have the usage of a big hall
  • Special days/events visits to the local shops, library and children’s centres, as well as the local parks
  • Games involving small groups
  • Crafts
  • Maths learning numbers, letters & colours
  • Dressing up/role play
  • Free Play
  • Lots more fun!

Play is an essential part of every child’s life and vital to their learning and development. It is the way children can explore the world around them and develop and practice their skills. It is essential for physical and emotional growth, intellectual and educational development, acquiring social and behavioural skills.

Our Values

Mission Statement

Parents/carers are assured that we all at “Little Diamonds Ltd” provide a high quality service through ensuring that our staff are experienced and that they possess high qualifications as well as they feel valued. The staff are chosen for their passion and their commitment, this enables us to offer a safe, fun, stimulating, environment where each child can learn and develop to their utmost potential. Parents/carers can do what they need to do to make their lives for themselves and for their babies, toddlers or children enhance and improve.

We are located within London Borough of Newham. A partnership has been formed with Early Years with whom we work closely with to ensure all the EYFS Curriculum and Safeguarding childcare requirements are met.

We are striving for ‘Excellence’ and we are continuously increasing our clientele through accessibility to our business to become a market leader in this field. Full day childcare with an ‘Early Education Approach’ offering ‘Fun’ ‘Care’ and ‘Education.’


Be assured:

  • To know that they are happy and safe
  • To give every child a good start in life
  • We organize and structure the time
  • Children are stimulated with activities through Learning and Development


Little Diamonds Ltd provides a safe and secure, intimate and homely environment. We offer warmth for both the child, the parent/carer and the staff team. When recruiting new staff we look for people who take a real interest in each child’s learning. We promote challenging activities as the development of the whole child is carefully nurtured through fun as staff will encourage their learning through play.

The environment promotes healthy eating, self independance. The surroundings are well resourced as well as regularly monitored.

We employ highly qualified staff who are professional in their approach who wish to develop and grow in their careers. We seek reassurance from our whole staff team to endeavor to support our local families within the community where we live and work through developing strong partnerships.

Little Diamonds Ltd operates and promotes diversity and high equality opportunities – challenging and addressing inequalities faced by children, therefore strengthening them and their families.


Little Diamonds Ltd’s approach in ‘Learning through Play’ is based on the National Strategy for Early Education (EYFS). We look for trustworthy and reliable practitioners who will be committed to the development of the business. Practitioners must also be committed to continuous improvement through their own learning and development in order to work with ‘best practice’ in mind.

Our objective is for all practitioners to communicate effectively and work with our children to thrive in their unique self learning through a holistic approach.

On the whole we understand that parents are the first main educator in a child’s life and we respect and value this. Our nursery facilities provide children with a homely environment.