• September's theme - Transport. The children visit the local train station then create their masterpiece!

  • October's theme - People who help us, children role play as doctors

  • Taking part in our monthly theme - 'People who help us'

  • We promote health and hygiene

  • Balancing games in the garden are fun

  • Practitioners promote tum taking and encourage children to work together

  • Outdoor play is very important and children have the opportunity to explore the outdoors in all weathers.

  • We encourage our children to be independent and take reasonable risks

  • We gain parental permission to use Henna by applying on the children's hand to celebrate the festival of Eid

  • Henna Designs

  • Children's display of Eid

  • We respect children's cultural backgrounds - making Sushi

  • The Children's display for 'Diwali'

  • We have storytime indoors and outdoors

  • We use the Key Person approach to build valuable relationships with each and every child here

  • Our trip to Mud Chute Farm

  • Our trip to the local park to feed the ducks

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